The Cheerleader Magazine Camps are coming to PLATINUM


We are SO EXCITED to have some of the best in the business coming to Platinum Athletics! This will be a great opportunity for anyone that is looking to increase their skills and experience in either basing, flying, group stunts or coed stunts! This camp is open to ANYONE and can accommodate ALL AGES AND SKILL LEVELS! We will have all girl stunt groups, coed stunt groups and a VERY SPECIAL GUEST….HOLDEN RAY!!

The unique thing about The Cheerleader Magazine (TCLM) camps is that it is a completely individualized experience for every athlete. They completely tailor to the needs of each athlete and make sure that there is plenty of staff with LOTS of experience in exactly what you are looking to work on. Have you always wanted an opportunity to fly on group stunts or to learn how to partner stunt? Needing some extra focused attention on your skills??? This camp is for YOU!! This is an awesome opportunity that you will NOT want to miss out on so make sure that you sign up today to reserve your spot! Signup at The Cheerleader Magazine Camp Registration

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