Platinum gets SILLY for a GREAT CAUSE!

Its important at Platinum Athletics that we are not only creating successful competitive cheerleaders and dancers on the floor but off the competition floor as well. If you weren’t aware May 26th was the Official RED NOSE DAY! Its an event that is held to help raise money for children and families in need and is a great way to do some “FUN”-draising! So we put on our noses (ALL 250 OF THEM) and along with our athletes and parents showed our support for a GREAT cause and had a TON of fun doing it!! We believe that by participating in events and fundraisers just like this we are not only supporting an awesome cause but also teaching our athletes that its important to help your community as well. Family is HUGE at Platinum Athletics, from our coaches to our athletes, we truly view everyone as family and that’s why we feel so strongly about making sure that we reach out to the community and support others because it is the right thing to do and instills the values and beliefs that Platinum was created on. Thank you to all of the parents, athletes and coaches that participated and made this week not only fun but very successful for an amazing cause! I simply cannot tell you the amazing feeling I have seeing all of our Platinum Family showing their support and coming together like this. Check out this video that we put together of all of the fun we had participating in our Red Nose Day, its just one more reason why there is nothing like our Platinum Family!

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