Kendra and Adam met at Lindenwood University where they cheered and were stunt partners for 4 years. While at Lindenwood they each worked as coaches where their love for coaching grew, taking them to win multiple national championships and national titles. Kendra then was offered a director position shortly after her and Adam were married which she happily took and looked to further her career and continue develop her skills and coaching techniques. Adam started working full time as a software developer while also coaching multiple teams at Kendra’s new gym.

By their second year the program had doubled in size and they added another coach and friend that they cheered with at Lindenwood, Kyle Gadke. All three put their heart and soul into the program and the teams were very successful. It was at this time that an opportunity came up for them to venture out and start up their own program. They named the gym Platinum Athletics because they believe in bringing not only the best product to the floor in their routines and choreography but also providing a premier product from top to bottom giving the best they have to their athletes and families.

The next year Kendra and Adam along with two other families opened their new location and not only retained all of their athletes from the previous season but also took their first year level 5 team to worlds! Platinum Athletics has grown to have all levels of cheer teams from levels 1 – 5 so everyone regardless of age or skill level can participate as well as a competitive dance program. In 2013 Kendra and Adam took over sole ownership of the gym under MAK Productions LLC. Since starting their own company Kendra and Adam have had the most successful season in Platinum Athletics history! They believe it is their amazing staff and love for the sport that fuels their success and continues to drive them to provide the family environment that everyone loves. We hope you take time to experience the Platinum difference and to be a part of our history and our story!


A “Home” for Loyal, Respectful and Driven Athletes

Your child will become more self-confident, motivated and learn to love being a part of program that challenges and leads them to excel.

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Coach Kendra Rufkahr