Looking for some extra help with your tumbling technique or maybe you are looking to strengthen the skills you have or work on some new tumbling. Our classes offer you the perfect opportunity to come in and get that focussed attention you have been looking for. Each class will meet for 50 minutes each week and will provide the structure and instruction you have been looking for to help further your skills. Classes are kept small to make sure that all of the attention is on the students and each student is getting the most out of their classes. You can also combine classes to get even more experience and time in the gym. We also offer specialty classes that focus on skills such as flying, basing, flexibility, etc. You can also login to our Parent Portal to register for classes!

If you have any issues or need help logging in and registering for classes online you can view our Parent Portal Help Guide also you can view our class pricing and package options on our Class Pricing Sheet

Intro to Tumbling– This class builds the foundation of skills needed to progress in tumbling. Athletes learn the basics including handstands, forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, round-offs, backbends and front walkovers. This gives your athlete the body control needed to progress into higher level tumbling! NO previous tumbling is required!


Standing Back handspring– This class focuses strictly on standing back handsprings. We teach the technique and body control needed by drills, and spotting! A Back and front walkover as well as instructor approval are required as a pre-requisite to this class!


Series tumbling– This class focuses on round off back handsprings, Standing series back hand springs, and specialty back handspring series. A solid standing back handspring as well as instructor approval are required as a pre-requisite to this class!


Level 3 Running– This Class will focus on all aspects of tucks and level 3 specialty passes. This includes Round off back handspring tucks, and front punches! A solid round off series and standing series as well as instructor approval are required as a pre-requisite to this class!


Standing Tuck Class-This class will focus strictly on standing tucks! We will teach proper technique as well as the body control and conditioning needed to safely execute a standing tuck! A Round off handspring tuck and instructor approval is required as a pre-requisite to this class!


Layouts and Specialty– This class will focus on Round off Back handspring layouts, Punch front step outs and whips! A solid standing tuck as well as instructor approval is required as a pre-requisite to this class!


Twists– This Class will focus on Fulls, double fulls, Standing fulls, and other level 5 tumbling! A solid specialty through to layout and a toe touch back tuck as well as instructor approval are required as a pre-requisite for this class!


Flexibility– This class will focus on flexibility needed to pull body positions as a flyer. This class will focus on all body positions including heel stretches, scorpions, scales, arabesques and the body control and flexibility needed to pull these and other advanced body positions


Intro to Cheer– This class will focus on the basics of cheer including Jumps, motions, and conditioning! Great for anyone looking into joining a cheer team! No previous experience required!


Flight School– This class will focus on baskets and stunts. It will be open to a limited number of fliers and instructor approval is required!


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Your child will become more self-confident, motivated and learn to love being a part of program that challenges and leads them to excel.

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Kendra and Adam Rufkahr