From cheer to Platinum Fit, I don’t know where I’d be or what I’d do without Platinum Athletics. It’s my happy place because no matter what my day has entailed, I can always count on the bear crawls, the frog jumps, the running, and the burpees. I know I can always count on the coaches pushing me forward, despite the excuses telling me why I can’t do it. The dripping sweat I walk out with every time shows how much everyone at Platinum really cares.

I’ll admit, at first I was slightly intimidated by this place I now call home. I didn’t know many people or have many skills. This didn’t stop others from making me feel valued. Platinum is my happy place because everyone wants the best for each other. Who you are or what level you are on doesn’t matter. Everyone has one thing in common, and that’s we are all part of Platinum. Being able to come together for one common goal, despite wherever we come from, makes Platinum my happy place. Every time I come to practice, no matter what I’m doing, I’m working toward something I love.

Platinum Fit is another opportunity that just extends the role Platinum plays in my life. Every time I walk into Platinum Fit I feel relieved, despite kind of dreading the workouts. The program consists mostly of parents, but they include me like I’m one of their own. With quite a bit of help from Blake, I’ve done workouts I never thought I could actually accomplish. My self esteem has gone up quite a bit, and in general I feel better. The continuous support and motivation from the other people in Platinum Fit and especially from Blake allow me to become a better version of myself. They’re another big part of what makes Platinum my happy place.

Platinum isn’t only about the cheerleading or the fitness classes, it’s about working together as one family. The coaches are my role models, and my teammates are what get me through each and every day. This could truly go on forever, but I think it’s clear why Platinum is my happy place. Nothing can beat the continuous commitment and passion that Platinum is bursting at the seams with.

-Sarah Vreeland, Platinum Athlete


My daughter has been cheering competitively since she was just shy of 5 yrs old. I have watched her grow and mature as a person and as an athlete… And I couldn’t be more proud! Over the past year at Platinum Athletics, she has gained such a strong internal drive and passion- her progress is undeniable. She cheered full time on 2 squads last year, and what I feared might burn her out, just poured more gasoline on her fire. After tryouts for next season, she earned her spot on Steel- J3. Then, Last night, she was asked once again to crossover onto another team- Diamonds- S2. I am so proud of her and love to see the excitement in her eyes. The Sky’s the limit for my nugget and I will always be her #1 cheerleader!

Thank you so much to the coaches, owners and everyone at Platinum! Love being part of the Platinum Family!

-Leah Hensley, Platinum Parent


Platinum Athletics is my happy place because I love seeing my daughter enjoy something that used to be such a big part of my life! It is such a joy to see her as excited as she is about cheerleading and to tell me at 4 years old that she wants to go there everyday, and to have her ask me to help her practice every day! She even asked for tumbling mats for her birthday so that she could practice at home. The coaches at Platinum, the parents, and even My daughter’s little team mates have all been so welcoming and awesome that I am just so thankful that we joined the Platinum family! I can’t wait to see Baby Glitter in competition! Go Platinum!

-Kristy Johnson-Herrell, Platinum Parent


Where do I begin to tell you how much Platinum means to my family? First I will tell that when people say that Platinum is a family, they are not kidding! We were only at Platinum for one year till we moved to Texas.  Even though my girls are at a new gym that is possibly a competitor the athletes, owners and staff still cheer on every accomplishment of my girls.  We get texts all the time to check on them and see how they are doing.  When we first started at Platinum we were not sure what to expect, but let me tell you they have the most accomplished and respected Coaches in the business.  Due to their experiences at another gym my girls were not sure if they wanted to stay in competive cheer when we arrived, but that quickly changed as soon as they met the coaches and their teammates.  From our first day at tryouts we had people giving my kids nicknames and making them feel welcome as soon as we arrived.  Our time at Platinum has been the best experience of my girls cheer career.  We have made life long friends who are like family to us!  So if you are looking for a place to cheer, dance, or just do some classes where you know your kid is not just a number but family look no further than Platinum Athletics.  Your child’s skills and confidence will grow by leaps and bounds ending with a happy, well rounded athlete who has confidence and respect for others.  Thank you so much for the short time we got to spend with Platinum and our forever family!

-Misty Dilks, Platinum Parent


Amazing program with outstanding and supportive, dedicated, knowledgeable, committed, passionate and most importantly POSITIVE coaches. They encourage each athlete to be the best they can be and challenge them to continually exceed their OWN expectations, without making them feel like they have failed or feel defeated. The end result is an award winning, top notch, highly skilled, but nurturing and competitive environment that you feel immediately welcome to and proud to be a part of!! Can’t say enough about this amazing program!!

-Landon Shaw


The benefits and success that my child has experienced has been amazing and is following her outside of the gym too! I’m proud to say that my daughter has ranked first out of her entire grade in several divisions. She was able to excel in plank (10 minutes)!, pacer, and sit and reach. She has come such a long way since she has come to Platinum Athletics!! Not only has she obviously gained physical strength but has become stronger mentally as well!
-Lainie Rusbarsky, Platinum Parent

I love the great communication between coaches/parents/athletes.  It’s really important to me to know my daughter’s strengths and weaknesses so we can better help her succeed.  Exactly what I was looking for!
– Becky Shoemaker, Platinum Parent


I love how supportive everyone is of each other!  Coaches, athletes, parents all working together to make better athletes.  These kids will be ready for the world when they leave for college or jobs because they are learning about how hard work pays off and how everything works better when you work cooperatively!
– Julie Wentz, Platinum Parent


I wouldn’t want to spend my last year cheering anywhere else! I knew I made the right decision when I picked Platinum!
-Mikel Thomas, Platinum Athlete  


They will make you want to cheer forever!!They have GREAT coaches and you wouldn’t regret going to this amazing place!!!
-Kaylee Ward, Platinum Athlete


My brother attends the hip hop class and I strongly think more parents should get there kids in there!!! The people are great and its a huge building for lots of fun for the kids!!!


We started at Platinum in 2011, with no other competition cheer experience. We actually came across them through the Internet and we were very impressed with the staff and the way they made us feel like family. Platinum teaches them the skills and drills they need to make them successful in the sport and is always looking out for the best interest of our child . The gym as a whole takes pride and satisfaction in seeing the kids grow and become the best athlete they can be. Our daughter has learned to work as a team and to support her teammates just like they are family. Platinum has some of the best coaches in the area and are definitely an up and coming gym and with the additions of some new coaches I can only expect sky is the limit. I can’t imagine our family being at any other gym. Family means the world to us and that is the way we feel about Platinum, that they are our family. We will for always be thankful for the experience and the friendships that we have made at Platinum that will be life long.

PA for life!
-Chris Vis, Platinum Parent