Platinum Fit is an integrated Cross-Training program coached and run by Coach Blake. These intense workouts normally do not last longer than an hour, but they will make you feel like you just worked out for several. A place where clients find their genuine “happy place.” The place where they can escape the real world that they are in every day. The workouts combine body movements, Olympic style lifts, and cardio. No two days, or workouts, are the same. From pull ups to cleans – the workouts will push you – physically and mentally to dig deeper, much like we as coaches ask of our athletes. I tell every new member of Platinum Fit, “Give me your best, you are an athlete now.”

Don’t take our word for it…Here’s what some of our current customers have to say about the program and Coach Blake:

“I came here to share, because this is my safe place, where I feel I can be completely real—no matter whether it’s sweating and grunting and cursing to get through a workout, or sharing the struggles and successes of our children and cheer experiences, I truly feel accepted here.”

pafittOur program is designed to push you both physically and mentally and the best part about the program is that everything can be scaled to fit whatever your current level is. Coach Blake is able to design the workouts so that whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete you will be challenged and get enough out of the workout that you feel it the next day and can’t wait to come back! Here’s what one of our customers said when we asked her about Coach Blake:

“Blake Mattan has believed in me from day one, when I was in the worst physical shape I have ever been in. You have helped me night and day, whenever I’ve had questions or concerns, and no matter how simple or difficult things have been, you have always been kind and honest. I appreciate that.”

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